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Adventurer's Club & Children's Ministries

This website was specifically for children from ages 6 to 12 so they can learn in an easy-to-read and attractive format the wonderful truths of Scripture. 

This site  presents accurate and informative Bible material, but to make it all come alive with compelling interest to young people who are heavily bombarded with sophisticated media

Primary Treasure Online

Here's a place where the children can go to actually listen to their lesson and Teachers can visit  this site to review up to date information for lesson planning. 

Mount Zion Adventurers

The Adventurer Club is a Parent/Church-sponsored ministry open to all families of children in grades Pre-K-4 who agree to keep the Adventurer Pledge and Law.

This program includes age-specific activities that involve both parent and child in recreational activities, simple crafts, appreciation of God's creation, and other activities that are of interest to that age. All is carried out with a spiritual focus which help them to participate in church activities.

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