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Director Brian K. Coburn

        Welcome to the Guarding Angels  Pathfinder Club.  We are happy to have you and your family as a part of the Pathfinder Family.  The Guarding Angels strive to give love and support to the individuals and families that join our ranks.
        Our plans for this year include Bible Scholarship, Physical Fitness, Family Life Focus, Outreach Projects, Drill Team, monthly Field trips, and monthly Fundraiser.  We plan to teach up to twenty honors this Pathfinder year.  It is our hope to make the Christian Experience a delightful one.  The Northeastern Pathfinder Federation has many events planned for this year as well.
        Please read this booklet carefully as it contains information you will have to refer to throughout the Pathfinder year.  This manual is a revision of our first manual in 1995.  It is our effort to keep you well informed to our Policy and intentions.
        THANK YOU, God Bless and once again, WELCOME, to the ranks of the GUARDING ANGELS PATHFINDER CLUB!!!




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